I have been intensively involved in the design and development of motorbike clothing for over 20 years. Most recently with BMW Motorrad in Munich.
I was responsible for the product development of the BMW Heritage collection. This collection was created for the launch of the BMW R 18.

The design and development of products is a challenging process, requiring creativity and deep technical knowledge but to bring all aspects of the project together you also need open-mindedness and mental agility. It starts with the first rough sketches of ideas for a certain look. This is followed by drawings of details or technical solutions. The whole process ends with final drawings, color variants and concrete technical information for the manufacturer.

Every step is discussed and approved in an ongoing dialogue with the team partners and customers.

Customers have high expectations in terms of functionality, quality and protection. All our designs are focussed on the requirements of the customer. 

During sample production, the materials and garments are checked and tested. Clothing for motorcyclists has the purpose of protecting and minimizing the risk of injury in the case of an accident and is therefore subject to European regulations for personal protective equipment. Such protective equipment must be tested and certified according to these regulations.

It is also a matter of pride to do well in tests conducted by trade magazines.

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